Forever grateful for God’s plan

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To read the full story, click here. For lots of photos, scroll down.

When I left active duty Army 10 years ago, I planned on being a stand-up comedian and nothing else. I had it all figured out. Those were my plans. Fortunately for me, God had other plans. The last 10 days paint a great picture of where He has led me.

The first gig took place in Albany, Ga., or “All-benny” for those of you in the know. The event, a fundraiser called “Laugh for Literacy,” is the brainchild of the Family Literacy Connection. Before making the trip to South Georgia, I stopped at my bank and told the tellers over and over that I was going to speak at a literacy event. I continued telling them about the event as I pulled on the door three times to exit the building. The sign on the door clearly read “PUSH.” It was ironic to say the least.

Laugh for literacy flyer

The next event took place in Tampa. It, too, was a fundraiser. This one was for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides college scholarships for the surviving children of fallen Special Operations Forces. It’s not very often that I work a comedy club, but this was indeed a special event with my brothers born to international mothers, The GIs of Comedy.

FullSizeRender (11)

To learn more about the trip, including my mama’s first time flying, click on the link below. For lots of photos, scroll down.And, don’t forget to sign up.

To read the rest of the story, please click here: The Opelika-Auburn News


My mother getting ready for her first flight.IMG_1919 (1)

Joe flew us to Tampa on a beautiful day!


My buddy Joe and the GIs of Comedy

AA in Tampa

My longtime friend Andrea and her beau showed up for the show.

Debbie VDD and GIs

I finally got to meet my friend Debbie. We’ve been Facebook friends for over 5 years.

mama and GIs

My mama and the GIs of Comedy

FullSizeRender (12)

We each received a very nice plaque and pen from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.



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  1. Enjoyed the article and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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