Let me come entertain and inspire your organization…

Dear Friends,

We are approaching the time of year where there are many occasions where my presentation/performance could be beneficial to your organization. October is Disabilities Awareness Month. I am a lifetime stutterer. November is Diabetes Awareness Month. My father was a juvenile diabetic who lost his eyesight in his late 20’s and died at 35 due to his diabetes. During November, we also celebrate and honor our Veterans on Veterans Day. If you recall, I have been serving in some capacity for 22 years and have three tours of duty in Iraq. I currently hold the rank of Major in the US Army Reserves. Then we have the holiday season for the rest of the year. I’d love to provide the gift of laughter, inspiration, and motivation at your banquet, conference, meeting, or pow wow. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.  For more testimonials, please visit http://www.jodyfuller.com/testimonials/

All my best,



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